The AT-802F Fire Boss

The AT-802F Fire Boss is the most cost-effective, reliable and modern amphibious air-tanker in the world today specifically designed for the purpose of fighting forest fires. The aircraft can operate from either fixed airport facilities (paved or gravel) or suitable sized water bodies. The Fire Boss is also capable of either day or night VFR operations. 

Aircraft Specifics AT-802F Fire Boss

Engine: PT6A-67F 1600 HP

Prop: Hartzell 5-Blade c/s Reversing

Floats: Wipline Model 10000 

Amphibious Gross Weight (take-off only): 7,257 kg 

Maximum Landing Weight: 5,216 kg 

Approximate Empty Weight: 3,765 - 3,900 kg 

Max Cruise Speed: 278 km/h

Stall Speed (VS10º 16,000 lb.): 75 KCAS

Rate of Climb: 272 m/min 

Cruise Speed Loaded: 250 km/h

Drop Speed: 185 km/h

Delivery System
Maximum Tank Capacity: 3,028 litres 
Foam Capacity: 333 liters 
Foam Transfer System: Automatic or Manual
Approximate Useful Load: 3,357 - 3,493 kg 

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Below is a video of the firefighting operation during the summer of 2018 in Sweden. This is how it could be in the future, if the government authorities decides to acquire the appropriate resources to combat forest fires in the initial stages after ignition.

Till Toppen