Board of Directors

Accountable Manager - Sebastian Larsson

Background: With a background as CFO and upper management with responsibilities of business development, combined with ample experience of building an organisation from the ground up, the organisational structure and smooth running is assured. In addition to this the Accountable Manger also posses an expertise in economic policy and the science of climate change from an extensive academic background resulting in an MSc degree.
Role: Overall responsibility for the smooth running of the organisation.

Safety and Compliance Monitoring - Bruno Herencic

Background: PhD in Human factors and Limitations, with a wide experience in setting up and running Safety and Quality Departments in the airline industry.
Role: Will be responsible for Safety and Quality insurance monitoring the compliance of the company structure, with the purpose of maintaining the highest flight safety standards.

Flight Operations Manager/Training Manager - Sven Erik Larsson

Background: More than 30 years of experience in various flight operations around the world, and have been involved with aviation training management on both ground simulators and aerial training for about 25 years. Currently holds several management positions in training and flight operations for different aviation companies around Europe.
Role: Will be overall responsible for flight operations and the development and management of crew training.

Consultant Tech and Training Support - Hugo Arceo

Background: With several years of experience within Air Tractor Europe, he is an expert with regards to technical and flight training support for the Air Tractor aerial vehicles fleet.
Role: Will participate in setting up the Tech support organisation together with our CAMO organisation, in addition to assisting in the setup of the training organisation and it's use of the simulator training facilities in Valencia. Will also serve as the special advisor in all matters concerning the capabilities of the intended aerial vehicle: AT802 Fire Boss.

General Advisor, Fire department - Soini Hartikainen

Background: A seasoned veteran and lifelong career within the Swedish fire department behind him. He has more than 10 years of being deputy chief of the local fire department (ställföreträdande räddningschef), as well as more than 15 years of experience as an on the ground operations manager (insatsledare) with ample experience of combating forest fires.
Role: General advisor in all matters concerning forest fire, and the modus operandi of the fire department.

Special Advisor, Operations - Miro Vulic

Background: A Major within the Croatian air force, with first-hand experience of being a pilot on the AT802A/F Fire Boss combating forest fires. He is also a flight safety officer/flight instructor at the pilot school for the Croatian air force.
Role: Special Advisor on all aspects relating to combating forest fires from the air, and the person in charge of strategic planning and execution of fire fighting operations.


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